VERGE Cycle-Smart Northampton Cyclocross Video and Photos 2008

It was an unseasonably pleasant day for cross racing, and I caught a few races in the middle of the day. This event, like all the other cross races I’ve been to over the years, has grown considerably as this sport catches fire across the US. This weekend 650 racers are participating in the 18th annual Verge Cycle Smart Northampton Cyclocross Race.
These hills are killers, I’m really impressed with these racers and the way they dig in and get up the steep inclines.  The video shows the Women’s Elite cyclists making it look easy.  Don’t let them fool you.  This is one steep hill.







They used to hold this race at UMASS/Amherst years ago, right near my old dorm, Van Meter out near Orchard Hill. A few years ago they moved it here to Look Park in Northampton. The park is large enough to still accommodate its rapid growth.

I brought my Mom and my son.  Mom was snapping pictures and enjoying herself–it was her first bike race.  She compared it a little to when her brother raced motocross back in the 70’s.  I guess bikes are a family thing–one way or another.  We caught the Men’s Cat 2/3 race and most of the Women’s Elite race before my son had had enough, and we headed home.  What a great weekend for ‘cross racing here in New England!



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2 responses to “VERGE Cycle-Smart Northampton Cyclocross Video and Photos 2008”

  1. Maggie says :


    I took a bunch of photos from today’s earlier races. You can check them out at:

  2. Karen says :

    Hey Maggie, great photos! Thanks for sharing. Hope you make it again tomorrow for day #2!

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