All Cross Weekend: Northampton Cycle Smart November 1 & 2

2007 Northampton Cycle-Smart Cross Race

2007 Northampton Cycle-Smart Cross Race

This weekend is the annual Verge Cycle-Smart Cyclocross race in Northampton.  The race is at Look Park  and is going on all day.  BikeReg has the schedule of events.  Look Park will likely charge for parking so be prepared to bring a few extra dollars to cover yourself.  I’m attending strictly as a spectator both days; Saturday with my son and my mother, and Sunday with my son and a friend.  My son has expressed an interest in participating in the kids race.  I’m not sure he’s ready for it–he’s only three (almost 4).  But I can tell you, I nearly wept with joy at the idea of him riding his bike in that fun race.  I didn’t even put him up to it, it all came from him (really!).  I guess dragging him along to these races and him seeing Mommy in lycra all summer long is making an impression. 

It’s unfortunate that Dana can’t make it down to the race, but it quite a haul from Portland.  We’ll meet one day, and hopefully ride together.

Also, I really was trying to coax Heather into participating in this race.  She made a few noises of interest but she is extremely busy reffing soccer games and oh yeah, aiding in the protection of the citizens of the State of Massachusetts. 

Lots of pics to follow the races, with a full report.  Should be a fun time!



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