55–Degrees, Not Miles

I made it out for a beautiful ride today. It’s clear and cold and the wind has a bite to it. I’m finding it harder to enjoy how beautiful it is outside as my body painfully adjusts to the change in seasons. It wasn’t that long ago we were all 30 degrees warmer.

After about 30 minutes, I finally warm up and start to feel normal again. I even sweat a little. Heather is much more suited for the cold weather in comparison to me. She loves the cold, while I flounder. While riding I notice that my legs are just as strong, but my lungs can’t seem to power me. They are in shock. I started to beat myself up about this a little today while out there, but then I realized that I’m still on my bike riding much, much more than I was any year previous. Last year I would have squeezed maybe 4 rides out of the entire autumn. This year I might do that in a week. So enough berating myself–it’s still beautiful, and I’m still riding, and will continue to as long as the weather holds. Then, it’s back to the basement and on the trainer. If that thought doesn’t keep me riding outdoors, nothing will.


Avg MPH : 14.4
Distance 19 miles
Ride Category: Getting a little perspective


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