May I see some ID?

Another sign of autumn

I was getting ready for my ride this morning when I realized I could not find the case I carry my ID, house key, and “if an attempt has been made to turn me into road kill, call this person” card. The case looks like this, and it fits nicely in a jersey pocket or camelbak. I eventually located it behind the fridge and headed out for my ride. Half a mile into same, I turned around to put on the cycling tights. I should have worn the Lakes as well, because my right foot felt like a solid block of ice upon my return. The toe covers were definitely not enough. I wasn’t the only one who thought today was a good day for a ride, though:

I'm not the only one out there

Ride stats

Distance: 39.0 miles
Temperature: 51˚ average (nice headwind for the ride home, too)
Ride category: Re-learning layering techniques.



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One response to “May I see some ID?”

  1. Karen says :

    My first question is how did it end up behind the fridge? My second, how did you know to look there?

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