Three Rides, Stacked, With Photos

I’ve been blogging right along, but haven’t blogged as much as I’ve been riding. This is good, because I’m getting out there to ride. But I have this traffic jam of ideas in my head for blog posts, not to mention the photographs. So here we go:

Last Sunday before heading east to Gloucester for the cross race I did an early morning ride with Gail. Gail and I have been trying to get together for a ride for about 5 months now, and finally it happened. We met at Atkins Farm and then drove to her friend’s house where her cycling shoes were. She led me through her friend’s barn. In the barn hallway were countless bikes. She explained as we tripped over bikes leaning against the walls of the poorly lit barn “They are a really big biking family.” Tandem bikes hung from the ceiling, mountain bikes, road bikes, kids bikes, fun bikes….it was a a cyclist’s treasure chest in that old barn. We got a pleasant 15 mile ride in before my 2 1/2 hour car ride to Gloucester later in the day.

Last Thursday I got out and rode for about and hour and a half. It’s pretty gorgeous this time of year. And I made some new friends.

Yesterday I took my friends up on an offer to watch Brady while I took a bike ride in their town. Afterwards they cooked dinner. What an arrangement! Free babysitting, a Saturday afternoon ride, and someone else cooks. I’m in. My ride was short but scenic. I was taking photos of this horse farm from the top of a hill. That’s Mt. Tom in the distance.

I clipped back in and noticed this cyclist in blue cresting the short but steep hill behind me. I took off, and since I had rested while snapping shots, I had lots of energy. “He’ll never catch me.” I thought confidently. About 3/4 of a mile later, he was next to me. “Hi!” he said–very friendly. “Oh, hi” I said, rather surprised to see him at all. I checked him out, as cyclists tend to do (I think they refer to this as the “ass check.” It’s purely a fitness assessment, and completely non-sexual–I assure you!). He was one of those impossibly good looking guys with an impossibly buff body. Like he just got back from the Olympics and was taking a lesiurely ride. “Nice work” he said, “You’re really moving!” I was going about 23 MPH, which for me, wasn’t just nice work, it was extraordinary work. I thanked him and he flew ahead. I decided to take his picture.

I stayed with him for long enough to get the camera from my rear pocket, turn it on, focus it, aim it, and shoot it, all while climbing a hill, with gloved hands, since it was 55 degrees outside. That’s multitaking for you. I guess it was “nice work” afterall 🙂



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2 responses to “Three Rides, Stacked, With Photos”

  1. Leah says :

    Love the pictures! This is the nicest time of year to ride out east. Even if you have to wear gloves and tights. Totally worth it in my book.

  2. Sukumaran says :

    Nice pictures. Me too like riding bikes for long distances. My record is traveling for 220 km in a 28hours in the outskirts of major city in india named chennai.


    Blaze Infotech

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