The LZ

The women of scag actually had the same day off, but could not work out something so we could ride together. Karen wanted to get some mileage in, and I wanted to mountain bike. I also wanted to go somewhere new. Today was one of those days a chaperon would have been a good thing. The first crash took place at the location in the above photo, 2.7 miles into the ride. Just to the left of the rear tire, my face broke my fall. A gentleman I ran into at the trailhead parking lot before the ride stated he ran into a bear on the trail last week. After falling into that water, I figured the stench would warn any animal away. The second crash occurred at this lovely spot:

View from involuntary resting place

I was pedaling up a small hill when all of a sudden the ground came up to meet me. I checked again to see if everything was working correctly, got up, and pedaled off again. My excuse? A light rain, a lot of roots, and on my butt I go. After ride injury report? An awesome hematoma on my right shin (first crash), swelling right knee (second crash), and shoulder pain (that would be the “good” shoulder, first crash). Everything is working without a problem, but if I stop moving for a bit, things stiffen up a little. Good thing I go back to work tomorrow. Plenty of time to ice my bumps and bruises.

Ride stats

Distance: 8.2 miles
Temperature: 65˚
Ride category: Realizing I need to work on post-ride injury photography. I just could not capture the beauty of my hematoma.


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2 responses to “Splash!”

  1. Karen says :

    I’m really disappointed you don’t have some photo-proof of these dramatic injuries! It’s a cherished highlight of you mountain biking chronicles…
    –Karen (who is feeling glad she stuck to the road today, as I haven’t suffered a scratch)

  2. Ellen says :

    Hmm… great blog…
    No mention about where you were biking.
    Coming to work injured so I can carry you? Great.
    Oh wait, I guess that would not be different than any other day. See you in the morning.

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