Some News from The “Mountain-Biker-in-Chief”

First off, let me say I tend to avoid politics.  But lately, like for the last 8 years, it’s been hard to completely ignore things.  Just about the only thing I approve of President Bush doing is mountain biking.  See, we can always find common ground if we try hard enough.

That said, and without getting off on a tangent (which I am good for), let’s just read this article from the Associated Press reporting a move made by the Bush Administration to open National Parks to mountain bikers.  Is this a good thing?  I mountain bike, so I’m pro mountain biking.  I’m also habitat conscious, and try to be envirnomentally aware.  I’m a hiker and I support low impact trail use…for bikes or foot traffic. 

This issue has heard a lot of debate before.  Hikers accuse mountain bikers of trashing the trails.  Mountain bikers say they do no more damage than foot traffic.  What do you think?  Feel free to weigh in, I’m really curious to hear the response….




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3 responses to “Some News from The “Mountain-Biker-in-Chief””

  1. AR Guide says :

    I ride in an area where there are a lot of horses. Now there is something that really chews up the trails! I believe that mountain biking can actually be better than foot traffic on some types of trails, they help smooth and compact better than individual footfalls.

  2. mike says :

    My unresearched opinion is that the arguments about trail erosion and damaging fragile ecosystems are a “look at the monkey” argument. Any erosion that a mountainbike would cause is insignificant compared to say land development, logging, or forest fires. And as compared to hiking or horseback riding mountainbikes are the most limited to trail itself. Riding for more than a few feet off the trail tends to be difficult if not impossible and not a lot of fun. Also while I have come across a lot of trails to eroded to ride I’ve yet to find a trail to eroded to hike. So if mountainbikes are as damaging as sometimes claimed then they will be extremely self limiting.

    What people are really fighting about is that they don’t want to share. Which is actually understandable given that a major appeal of wilderness is the solitude. From this perspective mountainbikes are a good group to target for exclusion because they are easy to identify.

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