Time to ride; no time to post.

Amherst foliage

Soccer games, family visits, a sick dog, and tempermental internet have kept me from posting in a timely fashion, but not from riding. Thursday I took a tour of south county and northern Hampshire county before reffing later that afternoon. An after-hours visit to the vet for one of the pack (she’s doing better, thank you) prevented me from boring you with all the details. Friday morning I fought with the router (I’m still losing that battle) then I pedaled over to my PT appointment. My sister was coming out to visit, and our original plan had been to hike Mt. Greylock. When I emailed her that one of our usual companions would not be able to come due to illness, she opted to go riding with her favorite sibling. In 24 hours I logged 3 rides for a total of 56.4 miles. The only bad bike related news was my panniers did not come in. There’s always next week. Heather


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