Crossing Over

Nothing ventured, nothing gained…isn’t that right?

About 8 years ago, I dared myself to ride in a mountain bike race.  I just wanted to see if I could do it.  I placed third, out of three women.  I got my ass kicked.  But I tried it again and placed second, out of 4 women.  Then I did it again.  You get the picture.  I dared myself to do something I found a little exciting and a little scary.  And then I just kept doing it.

At about the same time, I dared myself in a different way.  I dared myself to “get published.”  First it was a little bar rag, then a few websites, and eventually I got into a regional glossy called Natural New England Magazine, writing about wildlife and nature.  Then I got pregnant, and my full attention turned to family life.

And there my attention has remained.  On my son.  He’ll be 4 at the end of the year.  Since his birth I’ve weathered a divorce, and fell in love again–with cycling.  I’ve done three LIVESTRONG Rides, daring myself to go further.  Next year I’m daring myself to do a century.  And maybe another race?  I might be dared to….

But things have come full circle yet again–I have dared myself to “get published.”  The blog is a wonderful outlet–a causal, yet sincere expression of a passion I have for bikes, cycling, how it makes me feel, and the adventures it takes me on.  I love this blog, and I love blogging.  But I’ve thrown my hat in the ring again.  To check out my latest dare, click here for a little article on cyclocross with race schedule for the six New England states. 

Thanks for all your support!



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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “Crossing Over”

  1. Leah says :

    Karen, very cool! You should pitch ideas to Emily Furia at Bicycling magazine (, if you haven’t already.

  2. Karen says :

    Wow, THANK YOU Leah! I’ll gather my thoughts and send something over. It’s very exciting to be doing all this again 🙂

  3. mixte says :


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