Would you like cheese with that whine?

Best. Gift. Ever.

The little guy in the above photo was a gift from the General for our fifth anniversary. It is also the closest I have come to any bike in six days. My schedule gets a little busier in the fall because I ref soccer, but the big problem is an injury. I remember doing something to my shoulder about two weeks ago and thinking that’s going to hurt, but I don’t remember exactly what I did. The “that’s going to hurt” part was a correct assumption, though. I started physical therapy yesterday, and was told it was a classic impingement. Hopefully, those heal quickly. The plan is to lug the DB up the stairs this afternoon (with my left arm), and head over to the local bike shop. Maybe console myself with those panniers I was checking out a few weeks ago. Heather


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5 responses to “Would you like cheese with that whine?”

  1. Karen says :

    Well, I guess it’s a good thing you have about 200 miles on me in the bet. The way my schedule’s going….you’ll safe for a while….

    Feel better!

  2. mixte says :

    I have found that wine with my whine has been helpful 😉
    Sorry to hear you’re off the bike at the moment. Good luck with PT!

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