Flying, Working, but not Riding

I just returned from a 5 day work conference in Orlando, Florida. I’ve been going to these for 11 years now, and it’s about 15 hours a day, every day, with lots and lots of sitting, and lots and lots of eating. By day two I’m pretty sure I had taken in a week’s worth of calories. Hotel food is rarely great, even when you’re at a top notch resort, which I was.

Needless to say the closest I got to a bicycle was this ad in Sky Mall on the return flight home.

But I had a good time, considering it was work, and I am in retail sales & management, and this economy isn’t looking so peachy. Here’s what I look like off the bike. I’m the one without the beard 🙂


I’m glad to be home, and will be back on the bike on Thursday–pray for sun!



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One response to “Flying, Working, but not Riding”

  1. Leah says :

    You look great! Yes, we need some good riding weather on our days off.

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