Sipping and Clipping = Beer and Bike Racing

Another “this just in,”  The Gran Prix of Gloucester Cyclocross race coming October 10 and 11th will host it’s first Beer Garden at the race. This event has grown over the years and will likely continue to do so with the rise of cross racing in America.  For complete info on the event click here.  On the bikes will be…..


Tim Johnson, Beverly MA – Current US National Champion

Ryan Trebon, Bend, OR – Former National Champ

Jeremy Powers, 2007 Gran Prix of Gloucester Champion

Jesse Anthony, Beverly, MA – US National Champion, multiple years.

And for your drinking pleasure….



Erdinger Alcohol Free Beer

I will be attending this event with my brother, who will likely be a regular at the beer tent.  I will probably refrain, since I’m not a huge beer fan. 

Two more weeks til Gloucester!



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