Last Ride Before Florida

I took the day off today–mostly to do laundry and pack before getting up tomorrow at 4:30AM to catch a 7AM flight to Orlando. No, I’m not going to Disney World, but attending my  annual Management Conference.

So today I squeezed in a little time for a bike ride, because I won’t get the opportunity again for another 10 days.

I went a different way today–into Ludlow, a town I don’t know very well. I hate Ludlow, but really for no good reason other than Ludlow’s U-16 Girls Town Soccer team beat MY hometown’s U-16 Girls Town Soccer Team for the State Championship back in 1985. But aside from that, I found Ludlow to be OK for bike riding. I was especially psyched to stumble upon the Lupa Zoo, a private zoo of exotic animals free of charge for the public. The owner just likes neat animals, and maintains the zoo at his expense. This definitely goes on the list for future weekend activities with Brady.

Ride Stats:

Miles: 21
MPH: 14
Time: 1:29:50
Category: Stretching my legs before 5 days of sitting down in a vacuum sealed hotel conference center.



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One response to “Last Ride Before Florida”

  1. Leah says :

    Ugh. Those work conferences are killer. At least it’s in Florida!

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