The gang’s all here

Buttonball tree

The tree in the photo is a Buttonball tree; Ellen made us come to a screeching halt on today’s BCC ride to check it out. Do not call it a butterball tree or a butternut tree because you will incur Ellen’s wrath (trust me, never a good thing). If you are so inclined to read more about Ellen’s favorite tree, try here. We came across this sign on our ride today, too.

Wonder what he did

We were all in agreement that someone messed up, and messed up BIG. Something else we noticed on our ride is the days are getting shorter. Laurie wants to make sure we ride more in the fall than we did this summer. Ellen said she was good until the first snowfall, or maybe that was Donder. I didn’t get a chance to ask Molly. For someone under the influence of Dayquil, she was hauling today. Heather

Ride stats

Distance: 33.0 miles
Temperature: 75˚ (average)
Ride category: Last ride of summer. (Thanks Laurie!)


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