Longest Ride Since Philly

Today I had a day off at last and I planned for 3 early hours in the saddle. I’ve felt I’ve been in a funk since LIVESTRONG and need to pull myself out of it and reassess my goals for cycling and exercise in general.

It was 59 degrees when I set out and I was dressed for it. I guess today I said goodbye to the awful biker’s tan for good. It’s still there, but at least no one can see it anymore 🙂

Right away there was a stiff headwind and no matter which direction I turned, the wind was there, pushing against me. This was a terrific metaphor for my week at work. So I employed the same strategy on the bike that I have employed at work–just keep pushing through it.

I decided to ride out to the Quabbin and back–it’s a typically quiet ride with some steady climbs and quiet meadow views. At the reservoir the wind was wicked, the water white-capped. The blowing wind kept my perceived temperature reasonable, even as the thermostat climbed to 68. I didn’t feel uncomfortable in my extra clothing at all.

On my ride I worked out a couple of things. First, physically I am still strong. I could have spun another 20 miles after the 37 I logged this morning. Second, it’s time to learn something new, and to pursue new ventures. What exactly this means I’m still formulating, but like the leaves tinged with color, change is in the air for me. It’s time. Third, I’m doing a century next year. I’m ready for it. Headwind or not.



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2 responses to “Longest Ride Since Philly”

  1. Leah says :

    Ooh, a very mysterious and intriguing post. 🙂

  2. markowe says :

    Sounds like summer is over for you too… Man, I was just getting into it (biker tan and all) and suddenly, WHAM, temperatures drop from 90 to 55 in the space of a day. I am forlorn…

    I am looking at the options (http://www.mtbserbia.com/2008/winter-stops-play-now-what/) but none of them look very appealing…

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