Gorillapod #3’s first ride

No breakage

I came home from the BCC ride the other day to find my new gorillapod had arrived. My first one lasted 9 months before a mechanical failure. The second one lasted less than a month before the same thing happened. I contacted Joby and was very impressed with their customer service, so I waited for their new “beefed up” gorillapod to come out. It was great to have the camera on the handlebars again. Here’s a shot using the gorillapod of more proof that my favorite season is coming:

Gorillapod #3 capturing foliage

Today’s ride included the usual errands-by-bike stops: library, bike shop, and groceries. I had to strap the books to the rack because I needed the panniers for groceries. The weather for today was rain, and the skies looked like that could happen. Or not. I stopped by the bike shop to see what was out there for waterproof panniers. I liked the Topeak DryBags, so maybe next payday I’ll invest in some. They are also larger than the ones I currently have, and I might be able to carry a couple days worth of groceries with them. Heather

Ride stats

Distance: 9.8 miles
Temperature: 80˚ (definitely not fall temps, yet)
Ride category: Gorillapod #3’s trial ride


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