Year in Review

It’s been nearly a year now since the birth of SCAG.  Our intent was to create a cycling blog where we could display some photography, scribe about our adventures, and hopefully meet like minded people to ride with.  For me, it has done something greater:  it has given my sport a personal focus and allowed me to explore it more thoroughly then I would otherwise.  When I’m interested in an event, or a cool bike I see in a shop, or some people I see dressed up in cycling gear sipping lattes outside the local cafe….I stop now and say hello.  I ask questions.  I make conversation.  And I learn a little more about cycling and the community it entails.

For me, nothing is really off limits, as far as the sport goes.  Certainly Heather and I bounce a few ideas off each other and some things get axed.  But very little.  We have similar ideas about decorum and focus the blog to reflect that.  But I digress:  Racing.  Charity Rides. Mountain Biking.  Road Cycling.  Cyclocross.  Vintage bikes.  And most recently, MUNI: Or Mountain Uni cycling (yes this does exist, but I had to see the video before I really believed it–look for a post in the future on this…).  I haven’t even scratched the surface here.  So much to talk about, so much to explore.  I’m having a blast. 

And because of this cycling blog, I’ve found the time to ride, oftentimes for photos, or something to write about.  But in doing so, I’ve had some extremely positive results.  I’ve lost a couple of pounds, and feel terrific. My skinny jeans even fit me now 🙂  I’ve derived an immense about of mental clairty from riding my bike: I seem to work out a lot of problems in my personal life on the saddle.  And even better, I have become more competent on hills–something I generally suck at.  Not only do I have more strength to get up them, but I’ve really become much better at using my gears properly.  Now the gearing works with me, not against me, and I crest faster.

As we close in on Sip Clip, and Go! ‘s anniversary date, I want to thank all the great people out there who have found us and like us enough to read us with some consistency.  We generally know where our hits are coming from: WordPress has great gadgets for tracking referrals and Heather and I both enjoy obsessing over daily stats.

If there is any area you would like us to explore, we’d love to here from you.  While we have our own interests we like to pursue, what I’ve learned about the cycling community is that it is big and diverse.  And if you like it, we probably will too.

Thank you for reading us!




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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Year in Review”

  1. Leah says :

    Hey, just wanted to say I really enjoy reading the blog and think your “raison d’etre” is pretty damn cool. I’d be out there riding with you if only I lived in western Mass! 🙂

  2. Karen says :

    Thanks Leah! I love because i tri too 🙂 But after reading about your tri experiences, I think you’d kick our butts!

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