Setting New Goals

I’m in a post-event funk, and feeling limited in my opportunities to ride all week. I’ve lost my babysitter to college and haven’t replaced her yet, and therefore cannot sneak off after work for an hour spin. I’ve grown addicted to riding; I’ve lost a few pounds and feel happy and competent on the bike. But without my “fix” of getting my rides in, I’m strategizing on how to maintain this high I’ve developed.

So, time for new goals. I’m considering another charity ride–this time without the 7 hour horror show involving the George Washington Bridge and the New Jersey Turnpike. I found the Foundation Fifty-Five on Cape Cod, which requires a $40 registration fee and $250 of fund raising. I takes place Sunday, September 14th. Haylee’s Ride, a charity ride raising money to fight CF is on October 4th in Holliston and costs only $65 to participate. As the weather turns colder, the number of organized rides diminishes and I’m left to my own devises and motivators.

Charity rides aside, perhaps the biggest motivator will be November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving, when I will attend my 20th High School reunion in Boston.

If that doesn’t get me training, nothing will.



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