Along the bike path

Power canal

Today’s ride was actually the General’s idea. It was not until we started heading out, did I realize it had been a whole week since I’ve been on the bike. That’s right, I haven’t ridden since LIVESTRONG. It wasn’t intentional that’s for sure. It’s been an even longer time since the General had been on her bike, but she was up for 19 miles. She doesn’t like hills like I do, but I know to keep my mouth shut re helpful hints. No, it’s not really an example of any new found maturity; more like a survival skill.

Not a great example, but there will be more. The New England foliage season is a favorite; you have been warned.

It's started

Ride stats

Distance: 19 miles
Temperature: 78˚
Ride category: Exploring the bike path in Turners and Deerfield with the General.



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2 responses to “Along the bike path”

  1. Chuck says :

    Hey, glad you dropped by, so I’m droppin’ by here as well. This is kinda like keepin’ in touch, ya know? Especially finding out that you and “da general” went out for the ride together. Like the picture of your foliage; our grass and stuff is simply dying due to the lack of water…

    PS – Totally get the “survival skill” mentality

  2. Heather says :

    Hi Chuck! Problem with going for a ride with the General on the bike means there is a horseback ride in my future. It wasn’t even 24 hours this time before she had me on one of the four legged beasts.

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