Mountain Biking in Colorado Part 2: It’s All a Blur…

I shot this with my zoom lens extended way too far and passing this cyclist at about 55 mph (I was in the passenger seat). I’m calling it “abstract.” Bear with me, but I thought it was a good metaphor describing how my vacation week, and my trip to Colorado was: A fondly remembered blur.

I started in Philly for LIVESTRONG, and opted to stay overnight two nights to give myself a break. I drove home Monday morning, washed all my clothes, repacked, and woke at 3:30AM to be in Hartford on time for a 6:10AM flight to Denver. When I planned this trip I had NO IDEA the Democratic National Convention would be taking place. See how closely I pay attention to politics?

I stayed with a friend, who played tour guide and drove me all over the state exploring. Tuesday I was jet lagged and spent from traveling. Wednesday we went to Idaho Springs and discovered we have exactly the same taste in nearly every piece of home decor that exists (in my book, that rocks). Wednesday evening was my mt biking excursion to Hall Ranch. Thursday was all day in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, where I saw a lot of these, fairly close up:

I had never been to Colorado before, but absolutely must go again. This time, at least one 4 hour mt bike adventure and a day with a road bike climbing some of the most breathtaking and wild places in this great country. A week there should satisfy me. I’m also a little thrilled with the prospect of road cycling at 9000 feet +. The air is thin, and it is a lot harder to breathe. I figured this out after climbing three fights of stairs to my friend’s apartment and being winded (!). Boulder was a bicyclist’s mecca–I swear there were more bikes than cars. I’ve never seen anything like it. And the cycle shop I rented my bike from had an amazing array of bikes, and a super friendly staff.

And speaking of friendly, I couldn’t believe how nice everyone is out there! I know New Englanders are reserved, and this is my MO as well. Sorry–it’s a regional trait I fight. So after being guarded and wondering “why is this person being so nice…why is she even talking to me?” it took me by very pleasant surprise to find a people so comfortable and easy with saying hello, being warm and generous with their time and knowledge. A smile goes a long way with me, after I’m sure you don’t want my money or to harass me (this is what a New Englander thinks when someone is being nice). My friend Kris said that people in Colorado are happier because they have sunshine 300 days of the year. I think she might be right šŸ™‚



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