Philly LIVESTRONG 2008

Lots o' people

Sorry folks, I planned to post about this sooner but we left Philly LIVESTRONG and headed right to Delaware to visit friends. LIVESTRONG was a truly amazing day, and the seventy miles was a lot of fun. Yes, I did say fun. I chatted with a lot of very nice folk, and almost got a band of them together to raid the Tastykake truck parked at someone’s residence around mile 50.

I would like to say thank you to all of the people who donated to my LIVESTRONG fund raising efforts. It was truly amazing to me all of you who gave, and to hear the stories of you or your loved ones who have battled this disease. This is definitely a fight worth picking!

Here’s some more photos from the ride:

For THE nozzlehead

Look, they have barns in Pennsylvania, too!

A favorite in Pennsylvania



One response to “Philly LIVESTRONG 2008”

  1. mixte says :

    It looks like you both had a great time! Good work you two!

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