The last ride before LIVESTRONG

Ellen is bad

I told the General last night that I would clean the house today because I had the day off. I was heading out to meet the BCC crew for a 1530 (3:30 pm Karen) start time. We were meeting at our newest member’s residence and it was going to be a 20 minute bike ride from my house. When did I start cleaning? The bathroom cleaning frenzy started at 1445 (translation 2:45 pm). Right on Heather schedule. I was not the last person there, but Donder was expected to be a little late. We headed out and had a great time. Our two new members are Laurie and Molly. Laurie had a great loop for us to do, and even offered cold beer after the ride. Unfortunately, I had to decline because while we were out riding, the General called and she was on her way home. No new PR was set, well even if there was one, I still didn’t beat the General home.

We decided to name this mushroom the Big mac bun mushroom:

Big mac bun mushroom

I wonder if mushrooms are becoming a new favorite? Here’s the usual favorite:

"High rise" phlox

I better get back to cleaning. Oh, and packing, too. Heather

Ride stats:

Distance: 22.6 miles
Temperature: 80s
Ride category: BCC ride with new members!


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One response to “The last ride before LIVESTRONG”

  1. Ellen says :

    Ellen is not bad… all the time.
    Great ride, lots of fun. Note of contention. Molly may be too young to join the BCC or the MBC (weren’t we going to vote on that) she makes me look bad.

    Thanks for doing this fundraiser!
    Best of luck this weekend. I am very proud of you. Have a great time. Don’t break anything. That includes parts and pieces of personage and property. OK, maybe just a little carnage… makes good photos!

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