There was blood. Excellent!

Good ride!

My co-workers asked what my plans were seeing I was splitting 3 hours early. I told them I was going mountain biking at Batchelor Street. They did not feel it was prudent, and I was interrogated about the plan because LIVESTRONG is this Sunday. Nay sayers. I made it out with only a few puncture wounds, scrapes, and bruises. It’s not really mountain biking if someone doesn’t bleed, right?

Meg was kind enough to let me catch my breath (more than once), and while hyperventilating, I saw this very cool beaver dam:

Beaver dam

Don’t bother trying to view it in a large size, my desperate gulping of air to fill my lungs caused the photo to be a bit out of focus. I have spent way too much time on the road bike. Heather

Distance: 10 miles
Temperature: ?
Ride category: Dirt therapy, and trying not to get too far behind.


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5 responses to “There was blood. Excellent!”

  1. Donder says :

    Well at least all your appendages are still intact! How much blood did Meg shed??? I’m guessing… NONE!!

  2. Heather says :

    Donder, it’s like when I’m at work…I bring a certain entertainment factor to the ride.

  3. Karen says :

    Percisely the reason I’ve avoided mt biking all season. I’m prone to puncture wounds…..but after LIVESTRONG, I’ll offer myself up to the mt biking gods again.

  4. mega says :


    You rocked the dirt with me and the hills of PA–good for you!!


    I’ll see you on the trails soon!


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