LIVESTRONG Philly, Loose Ends, and My Trip to Colorado

We’re ramping up quickly to the event that has defined us for the better part of the year–the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Philadelphia.  I expected to blog more about some of the personal stories and people that compel me to participate in this event, like my mom (breast cancer) or my old high school/college boyfriend (testicular cancer), or my grandfather (lung cancer).  These are real stories, some with happy endings, some not.  Point here is that I do this ride because this affects more people that I know, that are in my life, than any other of the many extremely worthwhile charity rides out there.  1 in 3 in a lifetime.  Those are the statistics.  If I can contribute in a positive way by raising a little money, raising a little awareness, and raising some spirits along the way, I will have done well.

That said there is still a lot of planning to do.  I’m still sick with a pesky head cold, although today my symptoms decreased in intensity somewhat.  I have both bikes in two separate bike shops currently, for completely different reasons.  My road bike I brought in for a once over and new tape on the handlebars.  There was a suspicious rattling on my last two rides, including the 50 miler last week that I wanted checked out.  My bike mechanic called and left a message on the machine telling me the bottom bracket had a bearing that is frozen up and rusty.  Probably once of those downpours I got caught in.  Replacement parts are ordered and I should get the bike back by Thursday.  That means a nice little ride Friday night, before the drive to Philly Saturday morning.

My other bike, the Trek mountain bike I brought in for a standard tune up and for the mechanic to get the pedals off for me.  I tried this myself but could not budge them, even Heather tried at one point to no avail.  The mechanic had trouble too, and said,  “Whoever put these on didn’t want them going anywhere.”  Fortunately they had been properly packed in grease and were still in good shape, 7 years after purchase.  These little speedplay frogs are flying to Denver, CO with me two days after the LIVESTRONG event, where my hostess there has graciously paired me up with one of her cycling friends for a late afternoon ride in the Boulder area.  I’m very much looking forward to riding out there–this east coast girl doesn’t get out much, and being in the Rocky Mountains is a dream come true. 

So, next week will be a busy one full of traveling, friends, & cycling.  Expect lots of great posts on our adventures: photos of Philly, LIVESTRONG, the Rocky Mountains, new friends, old friends, good will, and the fun of riding a bike.   



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