Heather 1, Mother Nature zip

The view through the spokes

This is how the weather has been since I don’t know when: while I sit and wait for the phone to ring at work, sunny; an hour before my shift ends, the clouds move in; I’m heading out to my car, torrential downpour. Drastic measures were called for when I realized it was almost the 13th of August, and I had ONE ride total for the month. So last night I called in and took a personal day. I have ride one in, and may even try for another. Depends on how long it takes me to mow the lawn; it’s much worse than last time.

I caught sight of this mushroom because of the color (it was in the woods, not in my yard):

Purple mushroom

Anyone know a good book or site I can use to id it?

Ride stats:

Distance: 6.1
Temperature: 78˚
Ride category: Looking for ridable trails in my neighborhood that weren’t posted. I wasn’t too successful, and that’s why I’m hoping to go to a local state forest for ride number two. Heather


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3 responses to “Heather 1, Mother Nature zip”

  1. mixte says :

    Yay! Glad you got a ride in finally! I like your spoke-view photo.

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