Don't be...

No, I didn’t crash or come down with whooping cough. I worked an overnight shift Monday and slept most of the day when I got home yesterday at 0730. I got a good night’s sleep and felt like mountain biking this morning. I quickly realized that there was still some residual OHS (overnight head syndrome), and decided road would be better. OHS feels like you are about eleven seconds behind everyone else and would probably be more conducive to spending time under an x-ray machine in the ER than an enjoyable time out in the woods. I’ll pass, thank you. One more photo from today’s ride, and yes, it is a favorite subject of mine:

A favorite subject of mine

Ride stats:

Distance: 42.8 miles
Temperature: 82˚ (average)
Ride category: It’s a beautiful day to ride.



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3 responses to “Recovering”

  1. Donder says :

    Hmm, needing a whole day to recover from an overnight shift….must be getting old. Writing on road priceless…where is that?

  2. Heather says :

    Finally Donder, a comment! It’s on Wendell Depot Road in Wendell. Maybe you would like to pedal it in person on our next BCC ride.

  3. Ellen says :

    Whooping cough!
    I should have breathed on you.

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