Riding to The Quabbin

I snuck a 37 mile ride in this morning, before having to work all afternoon and evening. This time I headed into the Quabbin Reservoir (not “into” it, but into the State Park). I remember years ago thinking “no way could I ride that ride” because of the hills. Yeah, they require some effort. But this time, I had the legs to do the climbs inside the park. I cycled to the Enfield Look Out, a popular spot for Tourists, Sunday Drivers, and Bird Watchers because of the fantastic view. If you have a telescope or binoculars you can usually spot some bald eagles from here, and typically there are one or two friendly, knowledgeable, albeit eccentric birders willing to let you look through their lens. Today it was bikers collecting at the look out in abundance, and not the pedal kind.

Another great thing about the Quabbin is the abundant wildlife. I saw a deer as I was climbing inside the park. I see deer there almost every time I visit, partially because I like to snowshoe there and know where the herds hang out, bed down, and winter in. This time of year the deer ticks are bountiful, so I avoid hiking through the Quabbin unless it’s below freezing outside.

This was a great ride, and I’m eager to do it again. In fact, I find myself somewhat pining to be on the bike nearly every day now. This training has had an addictive effect on me, but I figure if I have to be addicted to something–this isn’t the worst thing. Plus, I’m dropping weight at last, another huge plus.

Next ride scheduled is Thursday morning. Any takers?



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