5 days of riding, with photos

While Heather’s been off the bike, I’ve been on, a true turn of events for us. She’s still beating me in both the fund raising for LIVESTRONG and the mileage departments, but I haven’t had the opportunity to ride my bike five days in a row in about 5 years now, so I’m pretty pleased with this recent stint of rides.

Today I rode 28 miles and wanted to go longer. In fact, I only budgeted time for a 20 mile ride and in the middle of it, I found myself scheming ways to stretch it out. I just wanted to keep going. Yesterday I did a short recovery ride of 11 miles and I was still stiff from the 50 miles ride on Saturday. But today–I could at least do another 50, and something tells me I’m going to wish I had woken up earlier to do it.

On my rides I’m finding I am overall stronger on the bike. I have energy to push myself up hills I would struggle on before. My cadence is smooth and second nature. Best of all, I’m clipping in so quickly & easily now, I feel like a pro. My pedals are Speedplays. I’ve always used Speedplays and I like them, but when I bought my bike two years ago, the new Speedplays I bought were stiff and hard to clip into. Clipping in was an event in itself. I meant to bring the bike back to the shop but didn’t.

Finally, when I bought the Specialized in for a tune up to a different shop, I asked about the pedals. The mechanic had absolutely no experience with Speedplays (are they really that weird? I really like them!), but after some tinkering, he determined they were in desperate need of lubrication. A couple drops of lube and I was clipping in effortlessly.

So now I began my stint of being off the bike, until at least Friday. I’m pretty sure Heather will be racking up the miles in the meantime. Yeah Heather, I count the trainer miles. I have to!



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