How long has it been?!

Heading down the Deerfield

I hate to say it, but I think this is the longest I’ve been off the bike. It’s been eight whole days since my last ride. I’ve been on vacation the last two weeks, but I did manage to ride in Maine. The last few days have been jam packed with family adventures. For my 9 year old niece’s birthday, I told her I would get her a rock climbing lesson, so she came out Monday night for that. She scampered up rock most of Tuesday and auntie took 227 photos for her to bring to school for “what I did on my summer vacation.” On Wednesday I took some of the family whitewater rafting on the Deerfield River. Thursday was the chiro appointment and seeing the relatives off. Today was my first day back to my “real” job, and I was looking to ease gently into it. No such luck.

Ok, I’ve officially called myself out. I ride tomorrow. Heather


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One response to “How long has it been?!”

  1. Karen says :

    Called out as in you’ve called out of work? Ride with me!

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