A poor substitute

1-2 inches every hour, all day.

That’s our weather forecast here in western Massachusetts. Throw a few thunder and lightening storms in, and you get the picture.

And today is my day off. Riding on my day off is simply a given at this point in the season, like breathing air or blinking. But 1-2 inches an hour? It’s like riding through a sustained waterfall. So I did the unthinkable, in an effort to keep breathing.

I hooked my bike up to the trainer.

This felt wrong for so many reasons. I only did about 40 minutes on the trainer, yet it was so dull, it felt like 3 days on the bike. The bike felt stiff and unresponsive. I’m used to it being playful and relenting to my every whim. Pedaling felt like a chore, instead of a sweet release. And let’s just say the air quality in my basement cannot compare to the fresh clean smell of pine forests, hay fields, and wildflowers.

I’m going to go ahead and give myself a ton of credit for riding all winter long in my basement. But this winter, it’s going to be a lot harder.



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One response to “A poor substitute”

  1. Heather says :

    What did you call me in your last email? I think you were looking in the mirror.

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