Gone to Maine


If the General and I don’t kill each other running around completing last minute chores, we will be off to Maine tomorrow. We are bringing the bikes, and hopefully I will find a way to post soon after our rides. The cottage her family has rented for decades does not have internet, but when I step out the sliding glass door, my feet hit the sand of Wells Beach. I know, it’s a tough life. Heather


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3 responses to “Gone to Maine”

  1. ellen says :

    Hey! Hello!

    I’m here on my porch, with my bag packed.
    You guys forgot to pick me up and take me with you to the beach.
    That’s OK, I will just wait here for you.


  2. Dana says :

    You should be able to find some great cycling routes in Wells/Ogunquit. I’ll be looking for your post as I live in Southern Maine. We have some really bike friendly areas and that makes me as a resident cyclist very proud.


  3. Heather says :

    The cycling has been great! Before coming up here with the General and her family, I spent a lot of time in the Portsmouth and Kittery area. It’s great to see it by bike.

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