Breaking 1000 and Taking on Some Hills

I climbed the Holyoke Notch today on my bike. I have a vague memory of doing this in college, but I may have dreamed it, because I’m definitely in better cycling shape now, 18 years later, then I was in college (except for these extra 15 lbs.) I took the hard way up, from Atkins Farm Amherst over the notch into South Hadley. If you know the road it is steep, narrow, and hosts a good flow of fast traffic. Cars grazed my hip. Somehow, this didn’t rattle me, and it felt really good to get to the top. Plus, at about the time I crested, I hit that infamous 1000 mile mark for the year. And to think, I was supposed to be at work today. I’m so glad I wasn’t!

Distance: 35 miles
Ride Category: Notch Dominance, at 4.5 miles a hour, or, training for LIVESTRONG Philly
Temp: 88 degrees F
Photo: a little lily pond created by beavers in North Amherst by the rail trail



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One response to “Breaking 1000 and Taking on Some Hills”

  1. Heather says :

    Congrats on breaking 1000.

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