Mt. Tom Sidestreets

When I set out on my ride today, I had absolutely no plan to climb Mt. Tom on my bike. I had a rare offer from friends to sit for Brady while I rode my bike. He would play with their kids, then they would BBQ. I’m no fool–an offer of free babysitting, a bike ride, followed by being fed? I’m in. So when I wondered away from their driveway in Easthampton, I didn’t really have a firm plan on where I was going.

I lived in Easthampton about 7 years ago and liked it very much, but I quickly discovered I remembered little of it. I followed West Street with the intent to land in Southampton, where there were hills. Somehow, I found myself in Holyoke, climbing an extremely steep (24% grade) hill that was endless. I checked the route later and realized I was climbing one of the backstreets leading to Mt Tom.

When I had about enough of the climbing, I took a side street and stopped a pair of women out walking, and asked where the heck I was. They told me I could definitely get back to Easthampton by following the road I was on, “Just keep going down the hill, and eventually you’ll come into the center of town.” One woman told me. Terrific, I thought, no more climbing! I clipped in and was on my way, when one woman turned around and said “Oh, by the way, part of the road is dirt….thought you should know that!” Hmmm. Good information. Against my better judgement I plowed on and plummeted down 1.5 miles of dirt road on the road bike. I mt bike too, after all. Hey, isn’t this called cross? –Karen

1558 total elevation
24% Grade
15.8 miles
Ride Category: free sitting and bbq!


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2 responses to “Mt. Tom Sidestreets”

  1. Leah says :

    Ha! Nothing like a new route with endless hills. Btw, I always love the photos on this blog.

  2. Karen says :

    Thanks Leah! Although most photo credits go to Heather–her stuff is amazing. My photo of the lilies is a nod to her–always putting up posts on wildflowers. She’s got a great eye.

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