So I’m back from the north country where thanks to Mom, I was able to get a little bike riding in. I had three rides in 5 days, not too bad for me, with one big leg busting ride. I had a nifty elevation graph done and ready to go, and silly me forget to hit “save.” Clearly Heather is the tech savvy member of the SCAG team. Before I clicked on that magic “Close all tabs” button I did notice that my leg busting route on East Madison Road into Madison, NH provided me a 10% grade, with a total elevation gain for the whole 32 miles of over 1400 feet. I’m feeling alright about that.


Other things I’m feeling alright about are the fact that I raised the training wheels on my son’s bike this vacation. He crashed twice and jumped up excitedly and exclaimed “I crashed!” Yes, he is definitely my boy. Also, I feel excited about seeing a deer on a quick ride I took on Mom’s bike to a piece of undeveloped land by the Ossipee River. My brother and I were simultaneously, yet independently, considering this property. Our minds, being of the same gene pool, obviously operate similarly. The deer was cool, I dumped Mom’s bike off and crouched down and tried to get some photos of her, but the road was shadowy and the night approached, so the camera couldn’t pick her up.

My biggest disappointment was not reaching out to Dana with whom I had wanted to hook up and ride with. As my trip approached I knew my days were filled and heavily influenced by other family members, like my 3 year old son, and my parents who vacationed with me. I took my rides when I could get them, as I do when I’m at home. Anyway she is located a short hour away in Maine, beautiful riding in that great state…another time, perhaps. I also fell shy of the 1000 mile mark, something Heather hit a while ago. I’m one good sized ride away. I’ll hit it soon enough…



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2 responses to “Vacation=Riding”

  1. Dana says :

    Sounds like a nice little vacation and some great riding.

    We should definitely try to hook up when you are in the area to get a ride in together!! I know a great little loop that would provide some awesome photos for you!


  2. Karen says :

    I would LOVE to. It might not be until September, however, the way my vacation schedule is going 😦 I was going to be up north again in just a week, but my vacation got axed due to an unexpected project at work. I’ll definitely email you when I’m coming up and can ride! -Karen

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