Who needs a book…


Because of weather, we had to change the BCC ride to today, and Donder* was not able to join us. I made Ellen stop so I could get a photo of these purple flowers (my name for them, Ellen called them thistle). One of the cool things about having Ellen on a ride is she’s pretty good with flower names. She’s even getting the hang of identifying them as she goes whizzing past them. It’s nice not having to lug my favorite wildflower guide on every ride.

This one I took on the fly:

Better skies

I like the look of those skies much better than yesterday’s. Heather

Ride stats:

Distance: 17.53 miles
Temperature: 80˚
Ride category: Wildflower safari

*Consider yourself warned Donder, Ellen stole borrowed Evan’s road bike and she was flying up the hills. I think she even liked them!


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One response to “Who needs a book…”

  1. Ellen Purinton says :

    Donder who?
    I am not certain that “flying up the hills” is an appropriate description. But, there was definitely a lot less wheezing.
    Evan says I can borrow his bike anytime he does not need it. I believe he will not need it anymore.



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