Cool! Hail! In other words, today’s BCC ride was canceled

Nice looking lawn, eh?

Ellen and I heard that the Rt 91 corridor was getting so much rain, cars were actually pulling over because of poor visibility. At work we had white clouds, some blue sky, and the sun was peeking out. When our relief arrived, they said the skies were dark and the rain looked imminent. Ellen really wanted to ride; beats doing firewood any day. But after my first and last experience riding in it, I thought it might be better to reschedule. So, we did. I knew we made the right decision after I got home and took care of the dogs. There was wind, thunder, heavy rain, and this time we even got the hail! I tried to get a picture, but it lasted less than a minute.


I am so glad we did not get stuck in that! I would have to add snorkel to the ride checklist.  Heather


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