Doppler Lies

Today was my day for a big ride. I mean, a REALLY big ride–for me, anyway. It’s been one month since my last 40 mile ride and I wanted at least 45 today. I set myself a goal: 3 hours on the bike.

I had been faithfully checking the forecast all week and had every assurance the weather would cooperate. I should know better having been a New Englander all my life. Twain’s wisdom rang true today, as it usually does.

The rain was coming, but could I beat it? The question of a big ride was quickly reduced to whether I would ride at all. The “Big Ride” turned into the “Something is Better Than Nothing” Ride.

I forged on under dark skies, and sure enough, the rain caught me. Half my ride was under water. I really don’t have a huge problem riding my bike in the rain. It was actually quite refreshing. What was worrisome were cars and poor visibility. When it started coming heavy at me, my own ability to see diminished. My braking became compromised. I wanted a Big Ride, but didn’t need a Big Crash. Especially with traffic in the picture. I cut my route and begged off.

Next time….



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