Hey Ellen, was this what you were talking about?


On our last BCC ride, Ellen was telling me how there was a “trough” in the area that they used to drink from when she was a kid. Apparently tests were done and it was discovered there was a high amount of lead or something else bad in the water, so the town dismantled it. I’m sure there has been no lasting effects. Nope, our Ellen is as normal as the uh, next, uhm…moving on. Here’s another photo from the ride. I’m not sure what the flowers are (maybe Dame’s violets) because I was not going to be a poison ivy detector to try and reach them for an identification.

Not sure (Dame's Violet?)

Ride stats:

Distance: 15.4
Temperature: 82˚
Elevation: lowest = 373.3 ft / highest = 638.6 ft (∆ 265.3 ft)
Ride category: Headwind interval training; at least it didn’t reverse for the ride back!



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One response to “Hey Ellen, was this what you were talking about?”

  1. Ellen Purinton says :

    Yup! Looked very much like that one.

    And I am perfectly normal… most of the time… often… sometimes…

    Aw, normal is just over rated.


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