What does LIVESTRONG Mean to You?

Why It’s Important

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I snapped this photo in the parking lot of my hotel last year at the 2007 Philly LIVESTRONG Event. The owner had this on his vehicle along with a lot of other eye-grabbing stickers. You know, these events always produce a lot of merchandise to accompany and promote their existence. But this is not lip service. This is anything but a cheap bumper sticker. When I saw this it stopped me in my tracks and I just started at it for a moment, taking in its meaning. I hope you take a moment to do the same, and consider supporting the cause.



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One response to “What does LIVESTRONG Mean to You?”

  1. Lisa Buckels says :

    Livestrong means to me…REMEMBERING!!! Everyday I remember that my husband TJ, who pasted in June of 2004 was here. That he fought as hard as he could. That everyday when I look down at the yellow band around my left wrist I know that I shouldnt be sad. That I should livestrong in the knowledge that because of him. I have two beautiful daughters (who look more like him everyday) that are thriving happy children. That without him I would not have. I say Thank You to him everyday.

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