Proud Bike Commuter

This is a photo of my colleague Jenny who rides her bike to work whenever the weather is nice. I’ve noticed the number of regular bike commuters observed as I drive to work in my pick up truck (trust me, at $60 a tank I wish I was among you) has increased significantly. I used to see one person faithfully pedaling to work each day during the summer along Rt 47. Now the average is about 4 or 5, weather dependent.

Jenny takes the Norwottuck Rail Trail in from Northampton over the Connecticut River to Hadley where we run a big chain bookstore. Being the head bottle washer of the bookstore, I insisted upon the installation of a bike rack in front of the store for commuters and recreational cyclists when we opened 6 1/2 years ago during construction. I’m glad to say it’s paid off, not only for my customers, but for my employees too. Other members of the staff are pedaling to work now too, and several more take the bus (PVTA). Jenny says it’s a great endorphin release and helps her unwind after work waiting on the masses.

Thanks for saving the planet and getting your endorphin fix, Jen!



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2 responses to “Proud Bike Commuter”

  1. Dave says :

    I stumbled onto your web site this evening and the signposts litterly knocked me over. I was born in Northampton but grew up in Greenfield.
    My parents have passed but I still have friends in the area and relatives across the line in Winchester and Keene, NH.
    Over the years, I have ridden bikes, both road and mountain, and the last few years before 2 bouts with cancer I had a couple of recumbents. Now, my “bike” riding is limited to my BMW.
    A couple of years ago, we trailered bikes up from Florida to ride the backroads of New England. There is nothing like it.
    When I was a teenager, there was a British bike shop in Shelburne Falls that sold Arials, BSA, and Triumphs. At 16, I was the proud owner of a Triumph Thunderbird.
    Thanks for sharing the photos. You made a Yankee homesick.

  2. Karen says :

    Awww Dave, you should come back and visit the Happy Valley again! Please visit us again whenever you like. Heather does some wonderful things with her camera if you want a taste of the 4 seasons again. We ride all year long! Thanks for your kind words! –Karen

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