I’m back in the saddle after a long week of flu-like suffering.  Today I rode a short 20 miles–enough to get me out of the house and pedaling again.  When I don’t ride I feel lousy physically, and mentally as well.  I’ve often likened time outdoors exerting myself to a sort of spiritual purging, and as my life becomes more and more scheduled, these times on my bike have become so important to my well being.  It’s like going to church but without the singing and judgements and silly hats.  Today on my ride I thought a lot about the concept of redemption and how it motivates me, and perhaps all of us, in many ways.  Why do I ride?  Why am I doing LIVESTRONG?  Why do I invite certain people into my life?  What is it I am looking for?  And what the hell did I ever do to drive me to want to feel redeemed?  I know the answers to most of these questions, so mostly it intrigues me that this idea of redemption is one of several underlying motives in my life, and the mechanics behind it.  I want to prove something to myself, perhaps.

Miles: 20.5   MPH: 15.1

Ride Category: Meditation & Reflection



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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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