At least the hail didn’t show

The Fairy

I rode to work today, and I lost against Mother Nature. The commute in was great, the ride home not so much. Before I left, I noticed the storm moving in sooner than expected but it looked like I might beat it. I did not. Donder who was heading into work saw me pedaling before the storm unleashed, and actually called to see if I made it home all right. We may have to change her title for that act of kindness. She was also wondering if I got wet. Drenched would be a better descriptor. The weather people got everything right, thunder, lightening, a lot of rain, but missed with the hail prediction. I’m ok with that.

The photo is the rose bush in my yard. The sun was actually peaking out, but you can’t really tell that in the photo. You can see that there a quite few rain drops on it, though. Heather

Ride stats:

Commute in

Distance: 13.5 miles
Temperature: No coffee, no idea.
Elevation: lowest = 223.8 ft/ highest = 877.5 ft (∆ 653.7 ft)

Commute home

Distance: 14.7 miles
Temperature: 72˚ and very, very wet
Ride category: Proving to myself that commuting home in a thunder and lightening storm is a great incentive for setting a personal record. I shaved nine minutes off my time. I will not be adding that to my frequent training tricks any time soon.


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