BCC minus one

One pedal stroke ahead

Ellen and I headed out from the parking lot at work without Donder today because she blew us off, I meant lacked dedication and commitment, had other plans come up. Too bad because we elected club officers today. Ellen is president, I’m vice president, and Donder is head bike and water bottle cleaner. That’s actually not bad compared to some of the other titles Ellen and I came up with. This being a family blog and all, they will not be mentioned (especially Ellen’s*).

We thought we might get a little wet on the ride today, but managed to keep one pedal stroke ahead of the cloud in the photo. After I got this shot, I put the camera away just as big, fat raindrops started coming down. I made it into the car just as the skies opened and the downpour began.

PS Donder: It was our flattest ride to date.

Ride stats:

Distance: 15.4
Temperature: 72˚ once I got home
Elevation: lowest = 373.3 ft / highest = 638.6 ft (∆ 265.3 ft)
Ride category: BCC officer election ride

*Remember Donder, it was after 15:00 hours (that’s 3 pm to you, Karen).



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3 responses to “BCC minus one”

  1. Ellen Purinton says :

    Donder? Who is this Donder person?


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