How I feel and Why I haven’t been riding

No Parking

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you can see I haven’t been up for a ride lately. In fact, the only thing I’ve been riding this week has been my couch. My body aches with some mild flu, but also aches from the memory of riding….I miss it!

So if anyone else has had this 4 straight days of nausea, body aches, dopey-headed, gets tried quickly, headachey, peppered with occasional vomiting bug…if you know when it ends and how I can speed this along, please comment!


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One response to “How I feel and Why I haven’t been riding”

  1. Dana says :

    I certainly don’t have what you have, but after the cold I came down with on the Trek it’s been hard to get my mojo back for the bike. The weather hasn’t helped much either. Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon!

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