SCAG Ride Report or “Jack! I’m Flying!”

Where are we?

Heather & I met at our usual mt biking spot in Sunderland with the intent to head to the asphalt instead of the dirt. We hadn’t explored the surrounding area via road but wanted two things in this ride: Distance and Hills. We got hills, and if I hadn’t run late with my son’s very first dentist appointment, we would have put more distance on.

Heather was in charge of maps and found a good loop for us to do. Our ride started with a surprise appearance from a deer, who bounded in front of our path across the street. We both thought it was a good sign.

The hills were somewhat immediate, and Heather was forgiving in selecting our route. She lives in a much more hilly area and these were common fare for her, while I found myself complaining a bit and going slow. Hills are not my strong point and never have been, but I need them to survive LIVESTRONG this August.

The ride was beautiful–lovely farmhouses, meadows, forests, and the smell of fresh pine were themes. Also–lambs. We often heard what we thought was a child’s cry and when we got to the farm we saw the lambs and heard their pleading cries.

Time was an issue so about halfway through Heather selected a side street to trim a little time off the route. West Street in Wendell. Or perhaps Montague. I’m really unsure of where were were at that point. That’s when we saw this:

I didn’t see the fawn at first, but when I realized it was nursing on the mother deer, I nearly lost my nut. Look closely toward the bottom and you’ll make it out. I never imagined I’d see anything like this in person. Forgive the poor photo quality. We were close but there was dense foliage and the mama wasn’t thrilled with our stopping to check her out. She remained for only about a minute before she and junior bounded to the woods.

After cresting West Street we glided down a long, well paved road that ran alongside Wendell State Forest, still a little giddy from the mother/child siting. That’s when I raised my arms out in an iron cross move and yelled “Jack, I’m Flying!” Heather laughed pretty hard so I thought I’d throw that one in. I’m a dork, what can I say?

After getting back on RT63 we ran into a cycling friend of Heather’s who was in her garden and offered us some fresh strawberries from her plot. Photo credit to Heather B. for the shot below. Guess who isn’t thrilled with having her photo taken, and yeah, I’m the overexcited looking one on the right.

Ride Category: SCAG Board Meeting
Distance: 21.5 miles
MPH: 13.6 (that was my fault, but I’m blaming it on the hills)
Top Speed: 41 MPH (or….Jack, I’m Flying!)



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3 responses to “SCAG Ride Report or “Jack! I’m Flying!””

  1. Ellen Purinton says :

    Nice photo, you guys look like serious, professional bicyclists!
    Heather can smile… ahh grimace.. I mean smile.
    Amazing deer photo! What a rare treat to not only get to see that but catch it on camera. Nice job.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. DeeDee says :

    Psst! Heather! Quick! Karen posted a photo of you! You have to get on here and delete it!

  3. judi says :

    Finally! A pic of you guys!

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