Another day commuting


Commuting to work on the bike has all sorts of bonuses: staying in shape, saving wear & tear on the vehicle, saving on gas, and prepping for LIVESTRONG. Today was only the second day I commuted to work, but I need to figure out the best way to fill the tank before and after I ride in and home. After today’s ride home (that’s the elevation graph at top), I could have gone right to sleep. I had a GFF (General family function, not the same as FFF) to attend, and I had the General stop so I could get a Gatorade and snack. Bonking on the car ride is better than bonking on the bike, but I’ve signed up for the 70 mile ride for LIVESTRONG. I better figure out how to fuel while on the bike or it is going to be a very long 70 miles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

On another note, I saw one of these on my commute in to work. Yet another bonus for commuting by bike.

Ride stats (combined):

Distance: 26.7 miles
Temperature: Hot going in, a lot hotter going home
Elevation: A lot of up and some down going in, reversed for ride home*
Ride category: Commuting to work

*Sorry, it is way past my bedtime. Heather


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4 responses to “Another day commuting”

  1. Karen says :

    Heather, There are LOTS of opportunities to refuel at LIVESTRONG! They set up tents (sponsered by Powerbar I think) and give you juice, gatorade, water, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and lots of power bar type snacks. Plus there is first aid–but hopefully we won’t be needing that 🙂

  2. Heather says :

    Yeah, I saw the pit stops, etc on the map. My goal is to figure out how to best refuel on the bike for me. I don’t want to overdue it, but not enough is bad, too. I was wiped out after 26 miles, and there was an 8 hour rest in between. Repeat after me, “We will NOT need the first aid station.”

  3. Karen says :

    It’s the heat that’s the issue, and late August–we may be in trouble. It may be just staying cool and hydrated. LOTS of water the day before!

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