Setting goals is good

Had to stop for this one

I did not want a repeat of yesterday’s post, so today I loaded the Panasonic in the pannier when the General and I headed out. Now, when the General heads out on the bike there is a purpose. It is best not to mess with her when she is pedaling towards this purpose. That said, I saw a couple of photo ops that I decided were not worth stopping for and disrupting the General’s goal. Oh, tonight’s goal was hitting the creamy near the end of the ride, and then getting home to sit in front of the fan. On our way back home, I decided I was stopping for some sunset photos and I would catch up with her after the “shoot.” It makes me very happy to have a photo for this post, and the General even turned around and waited for me. Heather

Ride stats:

Distance: 10.7 miles
Temperature: 80˚
Ride category: Vanilla soft serve in a chocolate and walnut dipped waffle cone pick-up


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One response to “Setting goals is good”

  1. Philip says :

    Heather darling,

    I so enjoy your posts. I read this last one to my General this morning over breakfast.

    I also believe in golas and having a propose.



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