Power nap, check

[Ride photo would usually be here*]

After working an overnight OT shift, I came home, took a 3 hour nap and then met Heather B. for a ride from the LBS. It was a great ride, on familiar roads and new ones. Heather B. is trying to get a women’s ride going on Wednesday nights from Bicycles Unlimited (aka the LBS), so if you’re interested check out the shop’s ride calendar page.

*No, I have not sent in the camera, yet. Olympus is covering it because it’s been less than a year since I purchased it through their repair exchange program. Hopefully, it will go out tomorrow. I really miss not having it! A lot. Heather

Ride stats:

Distance: 42.84
Temperature: Running late, didn’t look.
Elevation: I tried to map it out, but I think I need another 3 hours of sleep (8 might be better).
Ride category: Confirming that power naps work.


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