I came across this book in the store and thought it would appeal to the readership. I haven’t read it yet but will on vacation. For anyone who’s ever done the whole bike racing scene, it’s supposed to be a great glimpse at the set that owns bikes worth more than their cars (the mark of true love).  Obsession, you have your Bible.  Happy reading! –Karen

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2 responses to “Roadie”

  1. mixte says :

    Can we look forward to a book review after you’ve read it? It looks like a fun read, but I’m afraid I have a bunch of other books that I have promised myself I’ll read first (in my copious amounts of free time of course).

  2. Karen says :

    Sure, I’m good for a review. I have about 4 books on the nightstand and it’s a constant slugfest to see who wins. Not to mention I run a bookstore. So, I’ll shoot for July during my vacation 🙂

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