My bike camera is broken, but who cares

Toby dirt

Today I rode with Meg (aka the mountain goat) and her husband, JD. They joined me at Toby and we had a great time. With no time line on the new, “beefier” gorillapod’s arrival, I’ve been putting the Olympus in my pocket. I’ve been riding like that a few months with no problems except today when I tried to get some photos on the sly of my riding companions. Oh well, minor incident compared to the fun we had. Thanks guys for letting me use the excuse of working the overnight last night for bringing up the rear on the climbs.

Ride stats:

Distance: 10.81 miles
Temperature: cool enough that I didn’t keel over from heat stroke*
Ride category: Sharing a favorite ride with new friends.

*Hmmm, a medical excuse would have trumped the overnight line of bs. I’ll have to remember that. Heather


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